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Written by Roland Silcox on 9. May, 2015
Hi Jaqui, thanks for those lovely comments. I'm so pleased you all enjoyed the concert today. Noticed you singing along. The blog is fantastic. Don't know how you find the time. Sorry I didn't spend any time with you, Bill, Jo and, most importantly, Shirley, at half time. I was anxious to get all set for the second half, what with sorting out the ukuleles and those flashy waistcoats. Really appreciated you all being there. Glad you could come. Roland x
Written by Marilyn Smith on 20. Nov, 2013
Great website Jaqui, enjoyed reading your retirement blog and especially as you know the "Family Tree" section and Nanna page because I am a grandma as well.
Written by Chris Ralph on 7. Sep, 2013
Hi Jacqui,as I said on your puzzle page,just
found time to look at your website.
Really impressive and a lot more for me to
read.Great to see you at Lorna's.
Chris R.
Written by Pam (Fairley) 3rd April 2012 on 5. Apr, 2013
Hi Jacqui, We really did have a great day at Bignor Roman Villa didn't we? Lots of cold, warmth and fun!! These Romans really were a clever lot weren't they!!!! Must meet up again - Pam xxx
Written by Margaret on 24. Sep, 2012
Hello Jaqui
This is great! Finally finding time to look at the site, 10 out of 10!!
Written by Teresa Ashley on 22. Sep, 2012
Hello Jaqui,
Love your web site its a lot of fun
Pleased to see Brian back at Wimbledon having been a ball boy there all those years ago.

Terry & Teresa
Written by Linda on 18. Jul, 2012
Hi Jaqui, thanks to Miriam I am enjoying your daily blog. I have laughed so loud everyone thought I was having a fit. Lovey to see you and Mr B at the Torch Relay on Monday. Take care and hope we speak again soon.
Written by Miriam on 17. Jul, 2012
Loving your daily blog Jaqui. Have introduced Linda to your world - she 'doesn't do' Facebook so hadn't seen your lovely stories - she's also hooked now!
Written by Ann Spackman on 16. Jul, 2012
Hi Jaqui, my first visit and lots more to read yet but really impressed so keep it up and I will visit again and catch up with your blogs and the book page.
Written by Jane Derrick on 15. Jul, 2012
Jaqui , I am so jealous and love reading your blogs .Sounds like retirement is suiting you and very well deserved !Keep in touch
Written by Eleanor Walker on 12. Jul, 2012
Love the website Jaqui! You definitely have a way with words and every part is such an enjoyable read - and there was me resolving not to become an addict to anything in my own retirement.....
I've loads of books to recommend!
I'll join the Silver Singers when it starts! I feel exactly the same, including the idea of Gareth in charge!
Love to you and Mr B, Eleanor
Written by Sue Mcdermott on 2. Jul, 2012
Well done Jaqui, my first visit and it looks impressive, lots of reading to do here I will certainly come back again. Take care and regards to the rest of the family
Written by Colin Usher on 30. Jun, 2012
Well done, 2nd cousin Jaqui, a nice site.
Written by Norm on 26. Jun, 2012
Hey Jacqui, promise not to spend too much time here as you are missing the great outdoors. Brilliant site...many congrats on your retirement. Please tell Brian I said he is bloody lucky to have you. Cheers!!!
Written by Anthony on 21. Jun, 2012
Hi Jaqui, a very belated happy birthday. Just been searching round your site, I will make it a regular surfing stop off point. I will give you a call soon and hopefully see you soon!!


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lovely and heartwarming - an inspiration to us all x

09.03 | 12:07

Love this story told as ever beautifully.x

10.11 | 21:31

What a super account of a special event. I loved meeting you last night and seeing your creation come together. I’m so pleased you got so much from the activity

07.09 | 12:17

I have broad shoulders x